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Become A Bender

Click Apply Now on the application that applies to you then come back and fill out the form for your referrals requests.

Staff Application

Summer Staff Leadership positions are available and include additional responsibility & receive additional pay.

Background checks

When applying you must submit a background check, before moving forward in the hiring process.

Click the button below to go through that process now!

*If you are a Minor one of our staff members will send you a link to submit a background check*

Request Referrals

Send your referral requests out through our website so each person can submit their referral online.  Must have 3 referrals.

Summer 2024 Team Schedule
What to bring!

Once you are hired, here is a general list of items you may want to bring this summer!


Here is a list of our current openings:


  • Lifeguard-will provide certification

  • Activities (Archery, Archery Tag, Zipline, Rockwall)-will provide certification

  • Food Service

  • Retail (Canteen & Gift Shop)

  • Grounds

  • Support Crew:  Session 1(May 24th-June 28th) & Session 2(June 28th -Aug 4th)

For all other applications:

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