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Meet the Staff

The Lambert Family

Brad is our Executive Director, and his wife, Nadia, is a Reservations Assistant. Also show are their two sons, Ben and Ethan. Email Brad at Email Nadia at

Stewart Family

Evan is our Operations Director with his wife Traci and children, Jordan and Charlotte. Email Evan at

The Bass Family

Zak is our Guest Experience Director, and his wife, Tricia, is our Reservation Coordinator. Also pictured is their son, Ryan. Email Zak at Email Tricia at

The Dague Family

Chris is our Facilities Director. Also pictured is his wife, Cari, and three daughters, Madison, Morgan and Makenzie. Email Chris at

Blythe & Tony

Blythe is our Financial Assistant, pictured is her husband, Tony. Email Blythe at

The Morrison Family

Colby is our Construction Coordinator with his wife, Laurel is our Accommodations Coordinator. Email Colby at Email Laurel at

Nick & Hannah

Hannah is our Activities Coordinator, with her Fiance Nick as our Accommodations Assistance Email Hannah at Email Nick at

McClammy Family

Will is our Staffing Coordinator with his children Allyssa and Adam. Email Will at


Anthony is our Food Service Coordinator Email Anthony at

Ethan & Jaima

Ethan is one of our Maintenance Assistant, pictured with his wife, Jaima. Email Ethan at

Ed & Sheri

Ed Betke is one of our Maintenance Assistant, and his wife, Sheri, is our Financial/Gift Shop Assistant. Email Ed at Email Sheri at

Meghan & Chris

Meghan is our Administrative Assistant, pictured with her husband, Chris. Email Meghan at

Bridge Interns

Our 2023-2024 Bridge Class Back row: Nathan, Jack, Brennan, Braden Front row: Nicholas, Spencer, Praise, Tyler


To get in contact with any department or staff member, e-mail or call 254-897-4011

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