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The how to

Click the links below to access the recruiting manual, verbal pitch outline, benefit information, and recruiting cheat sheet.

Saying Thanks

The 55 year legacy of Riverbend's ministry is built on the shoulders of thousands of young believers who said "YES!" to God. We need your help to continue the legacy and find the next generation of Bendstaff.

Recruit for the Bend

Click the link above to see 

how we say "Thank you"

to our recruiters


learn about our recruiting care packages


Equipped for success

Click the link above for promotional materials you can print at home or at your local print shop completely on your own.

Are you planning ahead? Do you want to be Riverbend's best recruiter? Find out how we can equip you to recruit on the next level. 

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Don't forget to tell will

Please make sure to report all potential staff leads to Will.


Sign up to recruit

with others

Set up and lead your

own recruiting event

Will Mcclammy, Staffing Coordinator

cell:(254) 485-3312 office: (254) 897-4011 Ext.2008

Questions? Call will.

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