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Craft Day 2


  • sturdy paper.

  • a penny.

  • one straw cut into 2 lengths that are each about 2″ long.

  • tape.

  • string or yarn that is cut to about 6′.

  • 2 beads for the ends of the string


  1. Draw something fun on sturdy paper and cut it out. 

  2. Tape 2 parallel drinking straws about 2 inches long onto the back.  You will also need to tape a penny onto your drawing to add weight.

  3. Once you have everything taped on, thread your string or yarn up through the bottom of one straw and down through the top of the next straw.  Your string should be about 6′ long.  

  4. Tie a cute button or bead to the bottom of each string to keep it from slipping through the straw and needing to be re-threaded.

  5. Hook your climbing toy over a door handle or a hook.  Use a simple see-sawing motion to gently guide your climber to the top of the string. 

Found at :

Contact Information

Riverbend Retreat Center

1232 County Road 411B

Glen Rose, TX 76043

Phone:  888.269.2363

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