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Extreme Makeover

A Makeover with Eternal Results!

The Dorm style cabins at Riverbend have housed hundreds of thousands over the last 35+ years and have been used of God to give each of these individuals an opportunity to experience God at Riverbend.  Most of the 25,000+ guests each year stay in these cabins.

cabin 07 outside 04
cabin 07 inside 10

For Future Generations

This renovation will not only give the cabins a much needed "facelift," it will also provide major upgrades for comfort, efficiency, longevity and durability.  All cabins will also be made handicapped accessible to meet the needs of all our guests.  We want to ensure the cabins better serve the current generation as well as prepare them to serve the next generation with excellence.

Your Help is Needed!

The total cost for the Extreme Makeover project is $310,000.  When the camp was built over 35 years ago, it took sacrificial giving on the part of the churches and individuals who believed God was leading to establish a camp ministry.  In the same way, we are now asking churches and individuals to sacrificialy support this project by:

  • Praying for the needed funds and volunteers.

  • Adopting a cabin or part of a cabin and giving that amount in a one-time gift or over a three year period.

  • Consider the amount above and beyond your regular missions offerings goal as a "Hallelujah Offering" going to Riverbend.

  • Giving any amount toward this project.  Gifts of $20, $50, or more will all be appreciated and used for God's glory.

  • Please consider a monthly or one-time tax-deductible gift to Riverbend.

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