Health & Safety

The health and safety of our guests is paramount at Riverbend.


In the uncertain times we live in, we know that guests, parents and church leaders have to determine the best choice for themselves.  We want to communicate our efforts to manage health and safety so you can make an informed choice. 


Ultimately, the choice to attend an event or send your child to Riverbend is a personal one, and you are in control.

While nothing in life is without risks, and retreat or camp environment by its nature contains risk, our goal is to mitigate these risks in the environment in which we operate.  Below you will find the steps we are taking to help safeguard our guests from exposure. 

Guest & Staff Health Plan

Guest & Staff Health

Guest Health

  • Intake Screening and Assessment
    • Each group is responsible to screen those attending. Though this is not a requirement to attend, it will help assess the risk within your group.
    • Guests will need to provide their own Personal Protection Equipment and additional sanitizer (sanitizer provided in public areas, soap and water provided in all restrooms)
  • Regular Screening and Assessment
    • Please consider screening the members of your group each day you are at Riverbend. Though not required, we feel it is an important step to help ensure the overall health of your group.
    • Groups are encouraged to bring their own no-touch thermometers.
  • Preventing Spread
    • Handwashing and personal hygiene will be emphasized
    • Physical Distancing between individuals not in the same family is encouraged.
  • Response and Management of Case(s) or Probable Case(s)

    • Camp management will work with the group leader to determine course of action.

    • Anyone with symptoms of illness, in particular Covid-19, will be isolated and sent home immediately. In the event they are a minor not attending with their family, parents will be contacted to pick them up.

    • Cleaning of the area in which the sick person slept will be done by camp staff. If possible, the group staying with that guest will be moved to a new lodging area.

    • As Riverbend is not a medical facility, on-site testing will not take place. Rather we will refer anyone suspected of having Covid-19 to their local health care facility.

    • The church/group is responsible to communicate to their group if anyone is suspected of having a communicable disease.

    • Even if there is no suspected case, for up to 10 days after a stay at Riverbend an individual may want to limit their access to anyone who would be in the higher risk category(immunosuppressed, age 65 or older, etc.)

  • Sick Person Isolation Area
    • In the event isoclation is needed, camp staff will work with the group leader to determine location and duration. Additional isolation space will be provided for temporary housing of ill campers.
Staff Health
  • Staff will follow a similar plan as outlined above. Staff who operate in the food service areas or anytime they will be within six feet of campers may take additional precautions.

Facility Hygiene Plan


  • Churches partner with Riverbend and as such will be the front line defense for cleanliness and hygiene in the cabins.
  • Riverbend will work with the group leader for best assignments of cabins.
  • Each group will assign bunking and communicate to sleep head to toe.
Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • A Riverbend cleaning crew will be on hand each day of camp. They will clean and sanitize all public areas. Riverbend will not enter into cabins or personal rooms unless requested by the group leader. If Riverbend comes into a space occupied by a guest, they will not be touching the camper's personal belongings.

Dining Hygine Plan

Dining Hall Conversion

  • Guests will line up by their group. Lines will be created so that social distancing between groups can be achieved.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be in several areas in the dining hall. Soap dispensers will be in the restrooms.
  • Staff may wear masks, gloves, and hair restraints when preparing food, serving, or cleaning the dining hall.
  • All tables, chairs, beverage areas, serving lines, and restrooms, will be sanitized after each meal. In addition, all high touch surfaces including door handles, vending machines, and all restroom surfaces will be sanitized.
  • Chemicals used are EPA approved for use in food service.
Group leaders will be helpful to remind guests to wash/sanitize hands and practice distancing.

Program Activity Plan

General Guidelines for Recreational activities staffed by Riverbend

  • Recreational activities will have specific instructions (see additional steps taken in the Program Operation Plan) on sanitization and operation. In general:
    • Riverbend will ensure all stations, equipment and supplies are sanitized
    • Sanitizer and disposable gloves will be available at recreation locations
    • Rivebend will provide a water station. This will be in the form of a water fountain or an igloo.
Group Activities (provided by the host group)
  • These should be planned to limit close proximity of guests with those outside their group. Shared equipment will need to be sanitized between group usage.
Shared and Assigned Equipment
  • Groups should use shared recreation equipment at their own risk as they will not be sanitized between groups. Groups may choose to bring their own sports equipment. Please limit the use of this equipment within your group.

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