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Greene Refuge Cabin

Greene Refuge Cabin is available to any active pastor, church staff member, or missionary, with a max occupancy of 5, year-round and on any available day of the week at no charge.  We pray this space is a place of refuge for you to relax and reconnect with Jesus and your loved ones.   Meals, activities, and extra amenities are not included and may be added upon availability at the standard rates. 


Due to the popularity of this cabin and the increased need for Refuge Retreats, Greene is only to be booked for a personal or immediate family refuge retreat.  We would like this space not to be booked while your church is here on any kind of retreat, including a staff retreat.  Only one reservation is allowed on the books at a time and must be completed before another reservation can be booked.

Church Staff planning Retreats

Rock Creek Lodge is no charge for church staff planning retreats Monday-Thursday nights.  Standard check-in time is 3 pm for the conference room and 4 pm for lodge rooms.  Early arrivals on Monday for lodge rooms and/or meeting space may require a full-price Sunday night reservation for six or more rooms. 

All of our other condos are ½ price Monday- Thursday nights.  Unfortunately, there is no discount on Friday night-Monday morning in any of the condos or hotel rooms for church staff.

Let our office know if you have any questions.  An inquiry form is below to reach out to our office on availability.

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